Frame is a peer-reviewed, re-imagined, transdisciplinary rebirth of pART, an art history journal housed at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. While pART focused solely on art history, Frame has moved away from the restrictive domain of one discipline in order to give space to a variety of scholars who produce work pertinent to visual and material culture in ways that transgress traditional disciplinary borders. In addition, it is a venue in which the notions of “visual,” “material,” and “culture” are to be interrogated so as to move beyond what and how we think these terms.

In a sense, Frame is named ironically: Frames are borders, boundaries, perimeters, abstract lines that we slice into sand so as to confine and demarcate, yet, as stated, the journal aims to cross these borders, push these boundaries, break these perimeters, and act as the tide that obfuscates these abstract lines, washes them away to allow unhindered movement in scholarly pursuit. Free exchange of ideas and translations of disciplinary discourses can serve only to synthesize ideas and make them, for lack of a more apt word, better.

The journal is still inchoate, and its ultimate trajectory will be determined only in time. We, the editors, hope that we will see those lines dissolve as new issues of Frame arrive.

On a more practical note, we are looking for help. Soon a reviews section will be added to this website. Reviews will be of books, shows, plays, art exhibits, films, and whatever else deems itself worthy. As we are currently, for the most, operating out of New York City, we wish to solicit reviews of performances or other more local cultural phenomena that happen outside of our area. So, we invite you to submit reviews to us. We need contributors to provide academic articles. We need reviewers — from many disciplines — to help us filter submissions so as to find the best. And, we need others who want to help with the journal in whichever capacities that they, that you, can. So, please, if you are interested in contributing your time and mental energies, then contact us at editor@framejournal.org.